Practice Groups

Milestone's practice groups are arranged strategically to facilitate the ability for each client to launch, grow, downsize or divest. Each group is headed by a Managing Director, which oversees the operation and performance of the group.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity Group is focused on making investments in operating companies that fit their criteria and our partner’s strategic focus. The Private Equity Group is typically interested in companies with a profitable operating history of three or more years and annual operating income of $1,000,000 or in each of the last three years.

Emerging Growth

Our Emerging Growth Group specializes in very early stage startups and makes investments of both time and money into companies or ideas, which meet certain requirements. This group works very closely with the entrepreneur to facilitate the growth of the business through positive cash flow streams and tiered funding platforms. The equity investment range for this group is from $100,000 to $500,000 and is usually followed at a later stage of growth by a second round of funding from the Milestone Private Equity Group, co-sponsors and investment partners.

The Emerging Growth Group reviews 300 to 500 business plans and ideas each year, of which, only 3 to 5 are selected for engagement. This small number of selections is directly related to the following three criteria:

  1. Our Team and the Entrepreneur must be compatible.
  2. The Business Model, Solution or "Big Idea" must solve a big problem.
  3. The Solution must be derived from some type of patentable intellectual property.

Please note there are exceptions to the above three criteria and we will be happy to review any plan or idea you might have. If you have a great idea and it doesn't fit our model, we may know another source of capital who can help you.

Restructuring and Redevelopment

Our Restructuring and Redevelopment Group is focused on companies in distressed financial situations with revenues ranging from $1 Million to $100 Million. Unlike your typical "restructuring" consulting firm, Milestone prides itself on providing deliverable solutions for its clients, even investing its own capital to complete a transaction (if needed). This group exists to help our entrepreneurial friends through the downcycles that inevitably come with running a company. We are NOT a predatory firm and have NO intention of stealing your company. Rather, we are engaged by you and work for you through out the process to insure that your financial stability is regained, then we leave you with your business and we move on to the next client with a financial challenge.

There are other firms, which provide various services to companies in financial distress, but all too often the company has to have sales in excess of $100 Million and most times, the "help" is in the form of hand holding through a bankruptcy filing. If your company has experienced a recent downturn and lacks the time and capital to get through the trough alone, our Restructuring Group was designed for you. The most unique advantage of our Restructuring Group versus others, is that our Group has the commitment of all of Milestone's other Practice Groups, which allows us to "fund our proposed fix", once an acceptable solution and structure is reached.

Enterprise Optimization

Our Enterprise Optimization Group utilizes a collection of twelve proprietary strategies developed in our other practice groups that, if applicable, can lower the cost of your operation, increase your revenue, increase your cash flow and/or reduce your headaches. Our team provides a "no fee" analysis of your organization by examining your operational and financial statistics when subjected to each of our proprietary strategies. Upon the completion of the analysis, a review will be presented to you with the "optimized" performance point for your specific company. And, unlike other consulting firms, if we find that one of our strategies will make you money and you elect to engage, we will implement and manage the strategy to achieve optimal results.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Merger and Acquisition Group assists middle market companies with both buy and sell side assignments. Our partners have completed over 100 acquisitions in the last 15 years and have facilitated transactions with market values as low as $5 Million and as high as $240 Million. Our partners have significant experience working with privately held, closely owned companies, public companies, outside private equity groups and divisions of larger companies. We are dedicated to offering unbiased advice and assistance to our clients regarding their acquisition and valuation assignments.